Attention in storage of nylon coated wire and double loop wire

- Nov 27, 2017-

On the wire, need special explanation is that the surface of the wire attached to a layer of zinc coating, the zinc coating if too thick (of course, the thicker the more vulnerable to rust) will not reach the SGS environmental standards; but if too thin, it is easy to water molecules and oxidation, resulting in rust. Therefore, the external environment on the preservation of iron wire will have a certain impact.

About the storage environment of iron wire, it is sure that only when there is high humidity (above 70%) and high temperature (above 30 degrees Celsius) will it happen in the condition of zinc plating corrosion.

In addition, in the rainy season, pay attention to workshop, warehouse, printing departments of air humidity, it is recommended to use wet measuring instrument paper value of 8-10 between, usually the book paper than powder paper moisture absorption is bigger, and pH value is higher, more attention should be paid to the binding book inside the wire rusty phenomenon.

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