Comb Binding Machine for Office

comb binding machine for office ● Model NO.: CB360E Thickness: 20-50mm ● Mode: Electric Punching Thickness: 35sheets ● Pitch: 14.25mm Dimension: 52.5*47*31.5mm ● Material: Aluminum ● Type: Comb Binding Machine Binding Machine: Comb Binding Machine ● Width: 360mm A4 ● Binding Thickness: 50sheets...

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comb binding machine for office

● Model NO.: CB360E Thickness: 20-50mm

● Mode: Electric Punching Thickness: 35sheets

● Pitch: 14.25mm Dimension: 52.5*47*31.5mm

● Material: Aluminum

● Type: Comb Binding Machine Binding Machine: Comb Binding Machine

● Width: 360mm A4

● Binding Thickness: 50sheets Number of Pins: 25

● Weight: 25.5kg

● Powerfull Punching capacity:25 Paper  sheets

● Punching capactiy for transparent covers:punching up to 4 sheet for 100-200micron/4-8mil, 3 sheet for more than 200 micron/8mil

● Punching capacity for other standard covers: punching up to 4 sheet for 160-270g/40-60lb and 3 sheet for more  than 270g/60lb

● Punching Width:360MM(14")

● Binding capacity:500mm (approx 500 sheets 80g/20Ib)

● Punching pitch :14.25mm

● Number of punching pin :25

● Punching disengagement pin :25

● Power :220-240V,50HZ/200W ;110V,60HZ/200W

● Side margin is adjustable to select which format sheet to punch

● Depth margin is adjustable to suit the size of comb being used




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